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CDE on “Oral Health Awareness”

12:00:AM IMI House, Karachi

In accordance with the World Oral Health Day, IMI Dental Wing organized a Continuous Dental Education (CDE) session. Dr. Kulsoom Fatima Rizvi, Principal of Bahria Dental College Karachi, was invited as speaker. Dr. Kulsoom emphasized on educating general public about the importance of oral hygiene and the connection of oral health with the entire body. Dr. Kulsoom captured the attention of the participants with the videos which demonstrated the harmful effects of smoking. Moreover, the speaker also described the connecting pathways between poor oral hygiene and various systemic diseases.

CDE on “Oral Health Awareness” Held on 26th March 2017

For the basic understandings of fluid management, he first explained different fluid compartments of the body and the percentage of total fluids. Then he enlightened about different options to balance the fluids of the body out of which the common fluids are normal saline, dextrose water and ringers lactate. Among these fluids, the normal saline is given most commonly to resuscitate the patient in emergency room.

Academic Session on “Arterial Blood Gases and Fluids Management” Held on 24th March 2017

Hepatitis-B is reported with high incidence in our country because of lack of awareness, causing morbidity and mortality among patients. This disease can be prevented through vaccination. Unfortunately, a large number of people cannot afford vaccination due to its cost. In order to help those needy people, IMI Pakistan Karachi Chapter organized free vaccination camps at different areas. Like previous year, IMI Karachi teams, under the supervision of Dr. Hani and with support of other paramedical staff, set up a number of camps in different areas including Muhabat Nagar, Incholi, Jogi Mor Malir, Ammar-e-Yasir Society, Ayoub Goth, Paradise Medical & Emergency Centre and Gulshan-e-Hadeed. 1800 people throughout Karachi were vaccinated during these camps.

“Free Hepatitis-B Vaccination Camps” Held in the Month of January, February & March 2017

IMI Pakistan is also playing an effective role in developing healthcare system is different cities of Pakistan. IMI Operates Four Get Well Clinics. Two clinics are situated in Karachi, whereas, other two are operated at Nawabshah (Sindh) and Uch Sharif (Punjab). These GetWell Clinics are scheduled for six days a week and provides free treatment to deprived people. The clinics are facilitated by General Physicians and consultants including medical specialist and cardiologist. These clinics offer free check ups, medicines and vaccinations to the needy people.

“Get Well Clinics” Held in the Month of January, February & March 2017

The one hour comprehensive lecture was followed by Dr. Abbas Mehdi’s presentation, who is currently leading the IMI Dental Wing Outreach Programs. Dr. Abbas shed light on the recent outreach programs conducted by IMI Dental Wing at Al Murtaza School and Fatimiyah School. He also presented the future plans of the group.