Health Fairs, Camps & Screenings

Camps & Screenings

IMI provides a variety of health services to disadvantaged communities globally. In addition to our established clinics, IMI chapters routinely hold one or two-day health fairs, mobile medical camps, specialty clinics, vaccination drives, screening and ambulance services—both for specific short term needs and long term service.

IMI Europe Keep Well Program

This weekly program combines psycho-social and health support for ageing populations in the UK by bringing together health professionals as well as planning activities for memory enhancement for the elderly.

Mobile Medical Camps

IMI provides care to those in need in remote regions, areas in crisis or for special events through mobile medical units and ambulance services. IMI’s Get Well Clinic Aligarh also operates weekly mobile clinics providing care for hundreds outside of Aligarh.

IMI’s Aligarh Clinic also operates weekly mobile clinics to reach patients in even more remote areas like Jalali where the Imamia Mobile Clinic first detected an issue with Shahida’s heart in January 2015. Since her initial assessment, IMI Aligarh’s team maintained regular contact and care for Shahida, referring her to JNMC for confirmation of congenital heart disease requiring open heart surgery. Through financial and logistical assistance by IMI Aligarh and local foundations, Shahida’s operation was performed successfully at the end of July 2015, in New Delhi, with no cost to the patient.

Health Campaigns

In addition to direct medical services, IMI GWC Aligarh, and IMI Chapters also provide public health awareness on local health concerns and participate in IMI’s global campaigns like free screenings and sessions for World Health Day.

Blood Donation Drives

The importance of giving blood to save lives cannot be overstated. IMI Pakistan’s IBTMS (Imamia Blood Transfusion and Medical Service) is a constant feature of IMI Pakistan’s portfolio with regular donation drives throughout the year.

Other IMI Chapters hold periodic blood drives—nationwide or locally.

Some of our past health fairs, medical camps and screenings

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