What We Do

Over the last 2 decades, IMI has grown from a grassroots local effort to span 5 continents, 17 countries, countless cities and impacts millions of people. Our work is based on IMI’s vision, from the Quranic verse “and who so saveth the life of one, it is as if he has saved mankind” ensuring a diversity of beneficiaries as we focus on serving humanity.

This vision underlies all the work we do--with our primary areas of activity being:

Health services:

Mission Statement

IMI Health services range from established clinics with over 20 years of service to underserved communities, to mobile medical units and ambulances for access to remote regions, to services through specialty based medical camps and clinics as well as local screenings and vaccination drives. IMI also organizes international medical delegations to regions globally to provide a range of care: from primary medical and health services to more complex procedures. IMI also coordinates annual medical missions for Hajj where approximately 2 million gather annually in Saudi Arabia as well as Arbaeen where upwards of 20 million gather in Iraq.

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Humanitarian relief and recovery

Mission Statement

IMI also provides humanitarian relief and recovery services for those impacted by natural disasters, crisis (IDP), and conflicts. Over the years, IMI has provide relief and recovery services in Sri Lanka for the tsunami, East Africa during the famine, Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, the US for Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy, as well as for several disasters in Pakistan, Kashmir and India. Given the increase of violence in certain regions, IMI also provides relief/recovery in emergencies due to bombings and attacks on civilians as well as continued care for survivors, refugees and IDPs.

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Professional development and educational services

Mission Statement

IMI Professional Development portfolio includes career guidance for students in health fields, placement assistance for residencies, rotations and observerships as well as mentorship. A large component of our work also includes medical education and trainings: these are done through continuing medical education (CME) conferences—our most recent international conference in Orlando, Florida, was accredited by AACME—seminars and online courses. Medical education is also provided in the form of more specialized conferences for specific regions, as well as specialized hands on training for complex procedures.

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Mission Statement

As a UN accredited CSO, we would not be doing our jobs if we did not become a voice for those in need: highlighting access to quality health as a basic right for all, underscoring concerns on the targeting of health professionals as well as our members globally and sharing best practices and recommendations on certain health priorities.

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