Career Guidance

Mission Statement

IMI assists hundreds of medical students with residency guidance, observerships , rotations and internships. In person seminars as well as online webinars are regularly conducted to ensure a wide dissemination of career guidance . IMI also provides some financial assistance in the form of scholarships to medical students and young medical professionals. IMI’s internship program also provides students/young professionals valuable experience in working with an international NGO.

Observerships, Rotations and Residencies

Connect with IMI’s Career Guidance Council for assistance with placements for observerships, rotations as well as navigating the residency match process. Visit our Observerships main page here to submit your basic background information, résumé/CV, personal statement and any additional relevant information.


IMI’s Mentorship program focuses on establishing mentoring relationships between students/trainees/early career physicians and IMI health professionals established in a variety of locations and fields. For details click here.

Internships with IMI

Looking to give back? Interested in a career in the non-profit sector? Working with IMI’s United Nations desk? Click here to review vacant internships and submit your résumé.

IMI Young Leaders Division

IMI Young Leaders’ programming is designed for our student members and has six primary objectives:

  • To fully leverage the next generation’s intellectual and social capital;
  • To build adaptive leadership capacity among young leaders & emerging professionals across relevant, but diverse, sectors;
  • To provide an international platform for IMI young leaders to engage with and generate a greater exchange of views, problem-solving skills, and mentorship between young leaders and seasoned professionals;
  • To promote national, cross-cultural interaction and cooperation among younger professionals;
  • To enrich dialogues with generational perspectives for the benefit of all attendees & IMI members; and,
  • To emphasize the importance of balance for success in all aspects of life including work, home, community and spiritual identity.

For details on how you can engage more directly in IMIYL programming, please email or register for an upcoming event below!

  • I found the answers to all my questions about the process, its workings and methods at the IMI Career Guidance Seminar. I learnt more in the few hours I spent there than I did in months, yes months, of thorough research online and through the measly networking I was capable of as a foreign graduate.

    Annie Agha
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