IMI For Black Lives

IMI HQ and IMI Youth Wing Leaders have been hard at work, organizing on multiple fronts for Black lives and racial justice. IMI stands in solidarity with the Black community and is committed to equality and justice for all. Imam Hussain (as) states “Those who are silent when others are oppressed are guilty of oppression themselves”.

Click below to view a special video highlighting IMI's activities in response to the George Floyd protests. The video includes interviews from community leaders, religious scholars and experts, as well as footage of the Bilal-George Floyd scholarship recipients and donation of masks for the upcoming school year.

IMI is co-sponsored an event entitled "A God-Centered Perspective on Racial Injustice in America". The event highlighted faith-based approaches to countering racial prejudice in the current context.

IMI Media in collaboration with IMI Youth Wing produced a video for Urdu language speakers which featured prominent Ulema and community leaders, including Allama Abid Bilgrami, Maulana Ali Raza Rizvi, Maulana Aftab Haider and Alima Zakia Batool Najafi. The purpose of the video was to connect and educate the community with the events surrounding racial justice and the principles surrounding them within our faith.

One of the first concrete steps towards racial and social justice is equal opportunity for all our brothers and sisters. Based on that principle IMI HQ established the Bilal-George Floyd Scholarship, named after beloved companion of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sawaw), the first Mu'azzin of Islam, Hazrat Bilal Habashi.

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Statement in Solidarity

The Youth Wing Coordinators across IMI US worked together to publish a statement in solidarity with Black communities. This statement was signed by multiple organizations and religious leaders globally. See the statement below:

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