Who finances IMI's work?

Mission Statement

The overwhelming majority of our income comes from individuals the world over.

These personal and unaffiliated donations allow Imamia Medics International (IMI) to maintain full independence from any and all governments, political ideologies, or economic interests.

We neither seek nor accept any funds for our work from governments or political parties and we accept support only from businesses that have been carefully vetted. At IMI Global, as a US entity, contributions from any foreign entity or individuals also undergo additional scrutiny in compliance with US Department of Treasury and Office of Foreign Assets Control and other regulatory requirements.

By way of ethical fundraising leading to donations from individuals, we are able to maintain neutrality, particularly in matters as they related to our global advocacy work.

Financial Reports

Imamia Medics International is made up of a network of IMI Global, regional and national sections. All IMI Chapters are registered within their national or regional jurisdictions and maintain their fiscal independence. Further information on a particular country operation can be found in their relevant audited accounts. Contact details for each country can be found Here

The annual IRS reporting returns that cover the operation of Imamia Medics International working through the US legal entities are available (redacted public copies provided by GuideStar) here:

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