Patient Education

Patient Education

A core component of our work in advancing health globally is providing people access to health information and increasing their capacity to use this information effectively. To encourage direct participation and critical analysis by patients, IMI routinely organizes health information sessions and seminars with health providers.

Given the prevalence of non-communicable diseases and the impact of the social determinants on health, a large portion of our events feature tackling risk factors of NCDs like obesity.

Special patient education programs include specific guidance for those in areas of acute risk, humanitarian crisis settings or in recognition of increased health hazards due to mass migration or extreme congestion of people. For instance, during humanitarian crisis due to floods, IMI has provided guidance on water borne disease, and in areas of acute risk, cholera prevention techniques. IMI also provides special guidance for those performing Hajj through a multi-lingual publication: Hajj and Your Health (Hajj Aur Aap Ki Sehat).

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