Refugees in Europe

Worldwide crises displaced a record 65.3 million people from their homes in 2015—the most since the end of World War II. Half of the new displacements occurred due to conflict and violence in just 3 countries: Iraq, Syria and Yemen. IMI has been working with several partners to provide assistance to the influx of refugees from these countries as well as Pakistan in Europe during our current global displacement crisis.

In 2015, IMI joined with a range of US organizations including Al Khoeii Foundation, Baqee Organization, to help raise funds for and source medications for work across Europe.

Download the US activity flyer here

IMI also joined European organizations including Ahlul Bayt Islamic Mission, Council of European Jamaats, Islamic Centre of England, Majlis Ulema Europe and The World Federation under the banner ZAINABIYYA ALLIANCE FOR REFUGEES for direct services to assist refugees arriving on Europe’s shores by sending volunteers and aid to different areas, starting with the Island of Lesvos. In addition to primary care, our mental health specialists also addressed an important gap in available care.

IMI's newly forming Vienna (Austria) Chapter is also providing skills building for refugees located on the outskirts of the city. The vast majority of these refugees have arrived from Pakistan, displaced due to the conflict in Quetta, Parachinar and Northern Areas. As language is the primary barier to services, IMI Vienna has begun visits to the camps to help translate and teach the refugees German to help ease their transition. Secondary stages will also include assistance with education and networking positions particularly in the health sector.

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