Our People

The structure of Imamia Medics International gets strength from its members, Board of Regents members, IMI Headquarters, National Board of Directors members, Chapter representatives, staff and volunteers.

IMI’s members

While IMI’s beneficiaries (and many supporters!) are from diverse backgrounds, as a faith-based entity, membership in the global platform and any chapter is constitutionally limited to Jafari Shia Muslims. Membership is available for professional and associate (non-health professional) member classes and as annual or lifetime payments.

As a health professional organization, voting rights are reserved for IMI members from professional backgrounds in health/health-related fields. While we cherish our student and associate members and will always do our best to keep them informed and to follow up on their input/thoughts and ideas, our members in this category are unfortunately not eligible to vote.

Membership dues are set by national chapters Board of Directors and will vary by country.

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IMI’s Global Board of Regents

Nine men and women comprise our Global Board of Regents--they guide IMI's global activities and set standards for all IMI programs, projects, chapters and humanitarian work.

IMI’s Board of Regents is the highest organizational body concerned with overseeing all IMI activities globally to ensure adherence to the IMI Constitution. The Board of Regents is comprised of 5 or more members and each member holds a term of 3 years. The Coordinator for the Board of Regents is also known as the Global President.

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IMI’s Global Headquarters

IMI Headquarters (IMI HQ) is the central organizational office that coordinates and provides supervision for organizational activities. It is comprised of a core group of individuals who are drawn from IMI’s founders, IMI HQ Country Coordinators, previous Boards, Past Presidents, members, volunteers and staff. Current staff at IMI HQ includes an International Projects, Diplomacy and Advocacy Officer, Finance & IT Officer, Office Administrator, Data Manager, and consultants.

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National IMI Chapters

Each IMI national chapter also has its own Board of Directors to manage country specific programming with reports to the Board of Regents and IMI Headquarters to ensure adherence to IMI’s global mission and strategic priorities. Directors also create teams of Associate Directors to assist with the duties for their particular portfolios. Below is a brief description for each structural body as well as a chart summarizing roles and responsibilities.

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