Humanitarian Relief


When disasters or crises occur globally, national chapters respond immediately to provide emergency medical assistance. IMI HQ also provides aid through international delegates based on requests from national chapters or impacted countries. In addition to addressing immediate relief needs, IMI also focus on recovery—making sure those impacted get back on their feet quickly.

Over the years, IMI has provide relief and recovery services for internally displaced people in Sri Lanka after the tsunami, Haiti post 2010 earthquake, the US for hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy, as well as for disasters in Pakistan, Kashmir, India and Nepal. Given the increase of violence in certain regions (notably Pakistan and Iraq), IMI also provides relief/recovery in emergencies due to bombings and other attacks on civilians as well as continued care for survivors and internally displaced person/refugees. Most recently, IMI has also been working with several partners to provide assistance to the influx of refugees in Europe during our current global displacement crisis.

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Previous Humanitarian Relief Activites:

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