IMI Young Leaders

IMI’s Young Leader’s programming is designed to develop the leadership capacity of students and younger professionals and has six primary objectives:

  • To fully leverage the next generation’s intellectual and social capital;
  • To build adaptive leadership capacity among young leaders & emerging professionals across relevant, but diverse, sectors;
  • To provide an international platform for IMI young leaders to engage with and generate a greater exchange of views, problem-solving skills, and mentorship between young leaders and seasoned professionals;
  • To promote national, cross-cultural interaction and cooperation among younger professionals;
  • To enrich dialogues with generational perspectives for the benefit of all attendees & IMI members; and,
  • To emphasize the importance of balance for success in all aspects of life including work, home, community and spiritual identity.

While leadership skills are important to nurture in all ages, our Young Leaders’ programming is catered for an audience comprised of high school, undergraduate & graduate students and young professionals (a few years into their chosen careers).

The skills developed and topics explored through IMI YL programming translate across all disciplines, like communication skills, time management and work-life balance, and are equally relevant to this diverse audience regardless of career choice. Of course, specific educational guidance sessions for particular levels and fields are also organized within the international conference or as separate events.

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