The IMI Get Well Clinic Hyderabad (India) completed almost two decades of service in the heart of Hyderabad, Dar-ul-Shifa since its inception on the 26th of January 2003 . It has provided its services to over 650,000 patients in the past 18 years.The Get Well Clinic was initiated with the aim to provide state-of-the-art medical facilities with world-renowned and highly qualified doctors, free health camps, and simultaneously offer health education.

The clinic has become the most dependable source of medical help, be it a minor ailment or an emergency in Hyderabad. It is a multi-specialty clinic that includes dental care, physiotherapy, orthopedics, cardiology, pediatrics, and ENT with a wide variety of equipment available such as ultrasound, ECG, X-Ray, lab services, etc.

The clinic had previously expanded in December 2005 to include the Get Well Diagnostic Center and again in July 2006. In 2007 a new Physiotherapy department was inaugurated for patients, including those with chronic illness such as stroke, congestive heart failure, emphysema, and post-hospital deconditioned states. In 2009, the clinic got an analyzer for a pathological lab. Since then, the clinic was able to help over 7000 patients. Since 2011 the clinic has an X-Ray machine available that has allowed patients to get imaging tests done very quickly and conveniently. The clinic has an Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen(AS) Medic Aid Scheme for chronic illness medications, which cost approximately $150-200 per person per year and has served 126 patients so far. The clinic also provides a 24 hours Ambulance Service that is a source referral to specialty hospitals.

Get Well Clinic has connections with various hospitals in the city that provide medical assistance to the clinic's patients at a reasonable cost. They also offer free services to orphans at the yateem khana, pupils of Hauzatul Mehdi (AS), and children from the school for the blind in Dar-ul-Shifa, along with the people who cannot afford to pay for their treatments.

IMI Get Well Clinic has worked tirelessly to provide humanitarian assistance to anyone in need. On October 13th 2020 Hyderabad experienced record breaking torrential rain creating a series of flash floods leaving 40,000 families displaced. In those difficult times Get Well Clinic Hyderabad stepped up and helped over 100 affected families with emergency kits that included food supplies, medicines, kitchen pots and utensils, mattresses, pillows, toiletries, heater, iron etc. each worth 14,000 Rs.

The clinic organizes monthly free camps, including vision, dental, orthopedic, TB, diabetes, and hepatitis camps. One of their most prominent camps is the blood donation camp that they run every year on the Wiladat of Imam e Aali Makham Imam Hussain(AS) and Wiladath e Babul Hawaej (AS). With these camps, the clinic aims to spread key awareness points about proper health and various ways to combat the said diseases to every household in Hyderabad.

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