E-learning & Our Virtual University

IMI currently provides educational seminars for health professionals and the general public through a variety of media which are being synthesized into the e-learning portal. Included within these are the online components for certification programs like the Joint IMI & Albert Einstein University, Montefiore Medical Center course on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as IMI’s Health Hour series aired weekly on AhlelBait TV.

Click here to access recorded episodes of Service to Humanity: IMI Health Hour as well as the 2015 Your Health, Your Faith series.

A new feature of IMI's online presence includes online courses and e-learning modules. By launching our Medics International Virtual University (MIVU), IMI’s Academic Council of Medics International has taken a crucial step to enhance our goal to educate and inform medical practitioners, scientists, and the public worldwide using online videos, lectures and interviews.

MIVU will include general discussions for the lay public on issues related to their health, more advanced courses for practitioners, allied topics including medical education, health and medical ethics, and the influence of culture and faith in medicine. Keeping with our goal to make good health and education accessible by all regardless of economics, MIVU will be a free subscription for open access.

Together with our online, open access Journal of Medics International, we hope to further our goals for creating educational platforms that will be globally accessible, help connect the global community, encourage dialogue and reduce current health and educational disparities.

You can access our virtual university via our Journal of Medics International main page (here), using the same login you do for this site and our conferences website. If you don't currently have a login or don't remember your password the login tab on the page will direct you how to set one up or get your password.

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