PPE Distribution

IMI HQ continued to strengthen ties with local community health care providers by helping provide PPE, including masks, gloves, goggles and suits to frontline workers. In addition to manning the frontlines, IMI rallied to source PPE and masks for frontline workers, at risk-facilities and populations around the world.

Health care workers in New Jersey's urgent care facilities had resorted to reusing PPE for days at a time due to lack of supply. By donating PPEs and medical equipment to local communities, IMI HQ provided relief to frontline workers risking their lives during the pandemic.

Through your donations, almost $50K has been allocated to providing aid to American communities. IMI HQ's work was shared by the institutions' social media to encourage others in the community.

IMI also helped provide medication, aid for vulnerable populations, continuing care homes, international students and families affected by COVID-19 related loss of income or hardship IMI HQ provided support to the especially hard hit communities due to school closures and unemployment particularly Trenton, NJ, a low income area with little access to social services and health care. Many families faced evictions, lack of access to healthy food and highly congested living conditions. Hence, IMI continued to support those in need regardless of religious, racial or socioeconomic background.

IMI learnt about an at risk New Jersey resident who suffers from chronic illness and has diabetic foot ulcers. As she was unable to leave her home and had no access to food and other supplies, IMI HQ's Team, led by Dr. Wajih Rizvi, rushed to her assistance to ensure she had adequate resources. In addition to IMI HQ, IMI's Women's Wing, Illness Support Group and Young Professionals Divisions promoted similar programs of assistance for the elderly, those at increased risk for COVID-19 across communities in the US. IMI National Chapters around the world also have similar projects to ensure support through these times of hardship and urgent need.

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