IMI Women's Wing

IMI Women's Wing, led by our former Global President, is one of IMI's most active wings.

Currently being internationalized, IMI Women's Wing is active throughout the United States, with various working groups, including: Stay Healthy Group, Zehra Social Networking Group, Illness Support Group, Career Guidance, Perennials, Financial Advisory Group, Literary Group, Volunteer Coordinator Groups.

Working groups meet weekly and provide a variety of services, including providing financial aid, social and religious support, and hosting a variety of informational events. The Women's Wing has also recently launched the IMI Women in Medicine Group.


To empower women through education, health services and training to women around the world.

Meet our IMI Women’s Wing Global Chair:

Dr. Huma Naqvi, MD

Dr. Huma Naqvi is an Assistant Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Director Geriatric Rehabilitation, Montefiore Medical Center.

Dr. Naqvi completed her MBBS at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, her internal medicine internship at St. Vincent Medical Center and her physical medicine and rehabilitation residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Dr. Naqvi spearheads our Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Project in Iraq. Dr. Huma Naqvi has served as IMI Global President and currently serves as Co-Coordinator of IMI’s Al-Zahra Multispeciality Clinic in Chakwal, Pakistan.


Dr. Nazneen Zaidi, MCPS

Dr Syeda Nazneen Zaidi is a Consultant, Gynecologist and Director of the Thalassaemia Prevention Programme at Fatimid Foundation in Karachi, Pakistan.

She obtained her MCPS in Gynae and Obstetrics from College of Surgeon and Physicians, and MBBS from Liaquat University of Health Sciences, Sindh Pakistan. She is fluent in English, Urdu and Sindhi. She was a senior Medical Officer at AKUH in a consultant Clinic.

She has co-authored several publications and has presented on multiple topics. She has also conducted multiple Community involvement workshops.

Dr. Warda Batool

Dr Warda Batool graduated in Medicine and Surgery from Dow University of Health Sciences. She recently completed housejob work from Civil Hospital, Karachi. She is keen to learn more and serve the religion by contributing towards healthcare and the well-being of humanity.


IMI Women’s Wing Coordinator, Pakistan

Prof. Dr. Amna Eusaph

Prof. Dr. Amna Eusaph is a Professor of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at King Edward Medical University and Lady Willington Hospital in Lahore. Dr. Eusaph also served as Coordinator of IMI Lahore for several years.


IMI Women’s Wing President (US)

Mrs. Zehra Naqvi

Mrs. Zehra Naqvi is the pioneer of IMI Women’s Wing in South Jersey where she organised the Women’s Wing under the umbrella of IMI to help fulfill critical community needs.

She has been a long-term supporter of IMI in several ongoing projects including the IMI Annual Arbaeen Medical Mission. Professionally, Zehra Naqvi is an experienced Medical technologist and has worked as Executive Vice President of Interactive Network for Continuing Education.


IMI Women’s Wing’s Working Groups are the backbone for activities, events and community engagement. In the US, IMI has multiple active working groups. To learn more about our working groups, or to get involved, please contact

1: Women in Medicine:

The IMI Women In Medicine Group seeks to provide a platform for Women Leaders in the field of medicine, research and health-related matters. The group’s members is also available to provide online consultation on health-related matters for women across the globe.

CHAIR: Dr. Rubina Raza

CO-CHAIR: Dr. Nazia

2: Literary Group:

To promote Urdu literature, reading and reviewing books. The group focuses on literacy and the promotion of the Urdu language through events and dialogue. The group has previously hosted Mushairas (Formal Poetry Events) and book launches.

CHAIR: Mrs. Nasreen Rizvi

CO-CHAIR: Dr. Shehla Naqvi


  • Mrs. Tahira Naqvi
  • Ms. Fizza Fatima
  • Ms. Batool Rizvi

3: Zehra Social Networking Group:

This group works to provide social networking for the Shia community. The group also works to establish vocational training and Child Care programming. The group also works to provide networking opportunities among the youths. The Chair and Co-Chair also oversee IMI’s Youth Wing as advisors.

Addressing Social Issues:

We will be conducting webinars on:

  • Obstacles of matchmaking
  • Relationship-building in families
  • Combatting isolation during COVID-19 through religious activities
  • Creating Urdu language publication for IMI

Necessity of a Social Group:

  • Combatting large social issues locally (NJ, NY) and in Pakistan
  • Using expertise and knowledge of our team of women

CHAIR: Mrs. Malika Jafri

Zakira e AhleBait Mrs. Malika Jafri by profession is a registered content specialist of early childhood education. She is a certified trainer from the State of New Jersey in the Department of Children and Families of Human Services.

CO-CHAIR: Mrs. Sana Raza

Zakira Sana Raza is a graduate from University of Karachi (Pakistan) She holds a Bachelor's degree in the field of geography and did masters in geography the following year. She was a medalist in both bachelors and masters with high distinction. While she was in university, she studied under the supervision of renowned Zakira-e-Ahlul Bayt Professor Doctor Shamim Rizvi and completed the two year formal zakiri course from “Karwan e Zainab trust” in Karachi. She received the highest award of excellence by the trust.

Zakira Sana Raza completed a special fiqh course from Mehfil e Murtaza Karachi (Pakistan).

After moving to the USA in 1996 she has been reciting majalis at local Imambargahs and homes, including Al Khoei center in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Florida. She recites in Urdu and English.


  • Mrs. Sameera Hassam
  • Mrs. Ansia Naqvi
  • Mrs. Meraj Rizvi

4: Perennial Group:

We conduct engaging activities for the seniors of our community. Our goal is helping seniors socialize to prevent social isolation in elderly age.

CHAIR: Mrs. Qurat Sheikh

CO-CHAIR: Mrs. Shamila Jafri


  • Mrs. Rashida Abidi
  • Dr. Batul Ladak
  • Mrs. Samera Sultan
  • Mrs. Amara Abidi
  • Mrs. Salma Rizvi

5: Volunteer Coordination Group:

This group mobilizes volunteers from different age groups who are willing to take part in new projects.

CHAIR: Mrs. Uzma Rizvi

Uzma Rizvi is currently managing a medical practice. She is a loving mother of three wonderful girls and the wife of Dr. Wajih Rizvi, IMI Founding Member.


  • Romeena Kureishy

6: Stay Healthy Group:

Our mission is to spread awareness regarding nutrition, exercise and preventive medicine through the Women’s Wellness Program.

CHAIR: Dr Wahida Karmally, Dr.PH, MS, RDN, CDE, CLS, FNLA

Dr Karmally is a Special Research Scientist Columbia University. Ex-Director American Diabetes Association. Board of Directors for the Accreditation Council for Clinical Lipidology & Member, Expert Committee on Disorders of Lipid Metabolism for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND).

CO CHAIR: Dr. Zainab Syed, MD

Dr. Syed did her residency in Internal Medicine at St Joseph's Regional Medical Center in Paterson, New Jersey. She is American Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Internal Medicine Pulmonary Disease.

She is currently a Pulmonologist at St. Cloud Regional Medical Center. Dr. Syed originally began her career in management. Her true heart's goal is to serve humankind as a humanitarian in relief efforts. Dr. Syed has previously served as part of the IMI US Board of Directors.


  • Dr. Aelyia Kazmi
  • Dr. Batool Rizvi
  • Dr. Ruhayna Mukhi
  • Dr. Sara Hussain
  • Farwa Sheikh (Nutritionist)
  • Kulsum Bhimani, PT
  • Mariam Ali, PT
  • Ms. Batool Naqvi
  • Ms. Shazaray Mohib
  • Miss Sakina Ali
  • Miss Fatima Rizvi
  • Miss Sehrish Hussain
  • Miss Eba Sarwar
  • Miss Fatima Naqvi
  • Mrs. Rahat Syed
  • Mrs. Salma Rizvi
  • Mrs. Lubna Azim
  • Mrs. Zienat Naqvi
  • Mrs. Sultana Mir
  • Mrs. Nargis Naqvi

7. Illness Support Group:

The Illness Support Group provides meaningful community resources to families of the community who have members who suffer from long or short-term illnesses. The Illness Support Group offers many services, including financial aid, mutual aid and advice. The group has been very active during the COVID-19 pandemic, acting as an important resource and network for the community.

CHAIR: Mrs. Amera Haider

Mrs. Amera Haider is a Zakira e Ahlebait. She has a Masters in Biological Science, MPhil in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Quaid-e-Azam Univ Islamabad Pakistan.She worked as Senior Scientist at PINSTECH, has research in Radiopharmaceuticals, and has recently started working as Medical Lab Scientist in Rockleigh, NJ.

CO-CHAIR: Dr. Batul Ladak

Dr. Batul Ladak has been a Pediatrician for 28 years, and is a sub-specialist in Neuro-Developmental Pediatrics. She is now working as a consultant in private practice in Saddle Brook, New Jersey


  • Saba Zaidi
  • Erum Hussain


  • Mrs. Malika Jafri
  • Mrs. Nasreen Madadali
  • Mrs. Qurat Sheikh
  • Miss Sana Raza
  • Miss Nasreen Rizvi
  • Miss Rumla Rizvi
  • Dr. Batool Rizvi
  • Dr. Fatima Rizvi
  • Mrs. Zainab Rizvi
  • Mrs. Sadiya Abbas
  • Miss Kubra Shirazi

8. Emotional Well-Being Group:

Chaired by two leading Psychiatrists, the goal of this group is to improve the psychological and emotional well-being of women globally.

CHAIR: Dr. Farheen Fahim

Dr Farheen Fahim is a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist based in New Jersey.

She graduated from Dow Medical College in Karachi, Pakistan.

She is current IMI US Board President.

CO-CHAIR: Dr. Tasbeeh Fatima

Dr.Tasbeeh Fatima is a Board certified psychiatrist. She earned her medical degree from Sindh Medical College and Psychiatry Residency from Mayo Clinic.

She currently practices community psychiatry at North Central Bronx Hospital, New York.


  • Dr. Firdous Rizvi
  • Miss Batool Hussain
  • Mrs. Anum Iqbal

9. Career Guidance Group:

We offer a variety of resources for the community through events for:

1. Mentorship:

  • We offer young women at high school and college level mentors to help guide them and teach them methods to help advance academics as well as making sound decisions towards their career.

2. Resume Building/Review:

  • Our goal with this service is to help women at any points of their career with their resume.
  • Whether you are a new college graduate, a mother returning to the workforce or someone who has never worked but would like to join the workforce.
  • With this service, we will help build resumes from scratch or review and help you improve a current resume.

3. Skills Training and Support:

  • We provide training on using the Internet, email and basic software like Excel, Word and PowerPoint

4. Our Future Goals include provision of:

  • Internships, training and shadowing – We are looking to put together a list of companies/businesses who would be able to offer women internship, training or shadowing opportunities that are recommended from our group.
  • Financial Assistance – We hope to be able to offer financial assistance to women who are in need and do not qualify for other types of assistance. This will be mostly for women looking to acquire skills but are unable to afford to pay for courses.

CHAIR: Mrs. Rubina Yawar

CO-CHAIR: Mrs. Sadiya Abbas, CMRS

Mrs. Sadiya Abbas has a BA in Biology and MS in Information Systems.

She currently owns and manages MedRV, a medical revenue management company.


  • Mrs. Rashida Abidi
  • Mrs. Anum Ali
  • Mrs. Shazna Hussain
  • Mrs. Sultana Mir
  • Mrs. Shumaila Abidi
  • Mrs. Nargis Naqvi
  • Ms. Asiyah Abbas
  • Ms. Aeylia Abbas

10. Financial Advisory group:

The Financial Advisory Group works to promote financial literacy of women everywhere. Through

CHAIR: Mrs. Soofia Naqvi


  • Miss Sara Hussain



As one of the largest auxiliary wings of Imamia Medics International, IMI Women’s Wing has an active role in many of IMI’s Global Projects. In addition to their own programming, xperts are brought in on Headquarters initiatives for many of the:

Global Projects with IMI Women’s Wing Engagement:

  • IMI Dream Project
  • IMI Clinic in Chakwal - Al-Zahra Multispeciality Clinic
  • IMI Hazara Axis
  • Women’s Wing - Literacy Training Project
  • Women’s Wing - Advancing Early Childhood Education

Curriculum Development:

Training for ECEs in Pakistan:

Topics include:

  • The Science of Early Childhood
  • The Brain Architecture Game
  • 5 Steps for Brain-Building Serve and Return
  • Skills for life and learning
  • Early childhood mental health
  • Play in Early Childhood: The Role of Play in Any Setting
  • Trainings include videos, lesson plans and evaluations

Webinar Posters:

Webinar Video:

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