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Mission Statement

As we look to the future, IMI is proud to share the following significant updates:

  • The launch of International Health Initiative (IHI) & IMI’s new campaign for our first physical Global Headquarters and Intentional Community—the first-of-its-kind in North America: International Health Initiative is IMI’s newest subsidiary that would manage for profit endeavors that will help secure IMI’s fiscal security. One of the new projects IHI and IMI are working on together include the planned new IMI HQ and Intentional Community. Your feedback during the planning stages for this project identified a critical need: a residential collective that incorporates health needs as well as a high level of social interconnectedness throughout, including initiatives like Assisted Care and Skilled Nursing facilities. This project has been carefully planned with an eye to fulfilling these unmet needs as well as long-term financial security for IMI. (Please see additional details enclosed)
  • IMI’s Endowment: a vehicle for long-term financial security for IMI Based on the vision of IMI’s future demonstrated above, IMI has secured a commitment to our new endowment (in process-details forthcoming) for shares that, when liquated, would have a value of just north of $1 Million USD. Additional commitments towards this endowment and future income total $200,000 including life insurance benefits from supporters.
  • Expansion of IMI’s Academic Council initiatives Over the last year, IMI’s Academic Council has worked to develop its capacity to include an expansion of faculty from around the world and two major new initiatives:
  • The Journal of Medics International (JMI) is now accepting articles for its inaugural issue. This peer-reviewed online journal is open-access and submissions are being accepted by all authors based on the guidelines on the website. JMI is now accessible at and again, your login will be consistent with your previous account for IMI’s conference site (
  • Roadmap to IMI’s Virtual University: E-Learning: As part of IMI’s Academic Council and online expansion, users will be able to access courses at all levels through IMI’s new websites. This portal is continuing to be enhanced and will be formally launched shortly.
  • The Unveiling of the Newly Redesigned IMI Website: The new IMI website brings you updates not only on our global activities, finances and campaigns, but also provides an easier access to your relationship with IMI. New features allow you to seamlessly view your membership status, update your profile information, events registrations and recent financial history with IMI. New features will continue to be released for our website users as well as special items for dues-paying members. Your logins for all of IMI’s websites will be consistent so you don’t have to create new logins if you registered online at to join us for either of our last two international conferences (in Iran or Orlando).

Of course, advances in our existing programming over the year also include:

  • Donation of 7 dialysis machines to Al Kafeel Hospital (Shrine of Hazrat Abbas, Iraq) and 2 to Medical Aid UK for use in projects in Gilgit Baltistan (Pakistan).
  • Construction of 5 new homes for needy families after severe flooding in Kashmir valley.
  • Year-long free or low-cost clinics in India and Pakistan with 5000 patients served monthly.
  • More than $500,000 annually in patient support and medications.
  • Caring for 148,000 during the 8th Annual Arbaeen Medical Mission with applications open for the next mission at this time.
  • Hosting events across the US including Fasting and Diabetes webinars for health professionals and in person seminars across Muslim centers and mosques for the public.
  • Continuously placing interns in observerships with over 400 interns hosted from around the world including here in the U.S.
  • Regular career guidance sessions and advice for students from around the world.

However, we cannot continue such rigorous programming without you.

IMI needs your help in raising funds towards the completion of the purchase of land for IMI Headquarters. The total cost of land is $2 million and so far we have raised $400,000.00. The deadline for this purchase is AUGUST 14TH 2017. We can make this happen together if 500 families commit to donating (by yourself or raising this with friends!) $5000 today.

We want you to not only support us, but also to join us. Your membership fees are critical in the smooth operation of IMI. Whether you have been a member for years, or are considering membership for the first time, we urge you to become a life member now.

Remember, even if you are not a health professional, you can join many community members who support IMI through their annual Associate Membership fees for as little as $25/year. For our life members, we thank you for your long-term support and hope that you will consider donating again today to enhance IMI programming.

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