Emergency Roster


IMI maintains an international emergency relief roster, which deploys trained personnel in support of disaster/crisis response operations globally.

When disasters occur in any region, IMI HQ provides aid through international delegates from this roster based on requests from national chapters.

Most country’s IMI chapters have their own volunteers who are trained and prepared to respond and manage disaster operations. We provide aid in other countries only after the local IMI chapter requests assistance from our global network. In countries where IMI chapters are not yet established, IMI responds based on the invitation for humanitarian assistance from the country in need.

To be best prepared for emergency deployment, IMI requests members of our global network to join the relief roster and maintain updated records with IMI HQ. By joining the roster, you are not committed to serve in every emergency—we will contact you with details of the deployment and confirm your ability to go at the time the emergency arises.

To join the roster, please complete the following online form

Emergency Roster Delegate Application

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