Mission Statement IMI Hajj Medical Mission

Mission Statement

The IMI Hajj Medical Mission (HMM) has grown to serve more than 40,000 annually. Its activities are divided into Pre-Hajj, During and Post-Hajj efforts. HMM last for approximately 40-50 days with 200-250 clinics and over 3,000 vaccinations administered during each mission.

HMM Pre-Hajj activities include health lectures in different caravans, medical check ups for pilgrims and treatment booklets for patients’ medical histories and health brochures in English, Urdu or Gujrati, are distributed for patient information. In addition, to overcome the risk of communicable diseases, vaccinations for the flu, Hepatitis B, Pneumonia, and Meningitis are offered at subsidized rates. HMM also offers packaged medicines (as required by government regulations during the pilgrimage) to accompany the hujjaj.

IMI HMM Hajj and Post-Hajj activities include the establishment of a centralized clinic once the mission arrives in Makkah. The clinic operates 24 hours for the duration of the mission. Satellite clinics are also established in the locations of caravan residences and operate 3 hours daily in each location. A 24 hour emergency center is also established in Mina and Arafat for 4 days during Hajj. Free consultations and medicines are provided to pilgrims, totaling an approximate value of $100,000 USD. After Hajj a Makkah Conference is established to discuss the problems and feedback of Jafri Medical Missions from around the world. This is a venue of discussion, exchange of information and networking.

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