Health & Homes: Kashmir

IMI’s Health and Homes Initiative is designed to address the linkage between safe, affordable housing and health. Research indicates that safe housing helps individuals living with chronic diseases better maintain their treatment routines and seek medical care more frequently. Within the context of humanitarian crises, safe housing also protects populations from many diseases like numerous water borne illnesses.

Currently, IMI is working on a IMI Health & Homes Special Project with local partners in the Sonawari area of Kashmir. 5 homes have been built thus far to benefit those who were hit hardest from the recent floods. Many of the needy families have children in need of educational support or ongoing health concerns. By ensuring a safe, stable roof for these families through our local partners, Kashmir Educational Trust, IMI promotes recovery efforts to help communities regain normal, healthy routines.

The pilot IMI Health & Homes project, Medics Shelter Homes, was launched after the severe floods in Pakistan in 2009. Through this initiative, IMI was able to support needy families displaced by the severe floods into 35 similarly permanent structures.

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