IMI Corona Containment Collaboration

As the fight to contain COVID-19 continues around the world, health professionals are on the front lines. IMI stands with all of the worlds doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, public health specialists, as well as all essential services men and women on the front lines of this pandemic. IMI Global, Our Chapters and Divisions around the world, and our community of health professionals are working quickly and tirelessly to respond to this emergency, guide us to recovery and to help each of you at home be better prepared right now.

Here is how IMI is responding:

  1. Emergency Relief: On the Front Line, Procuring Necessary Supplies and Providing food rations
  2. Ensuring a collaboration of faith leaders and the scientific community to tackle issues of overlapping concern
  3. Services for the public: E-clinics, volunteers to assist elderly, hotlines & private consultations
  4. Online resources for the public
  5. Online resources for professionals
  6. Advocating for Health professionals and the vulnerable
  7. Collaborating for maximum efficiency and ensuring communication through task forces and regular calls with community leaders

As the Corona Virus affliction is increasing its devastation and the information/ disinformation is rampant with implications for our societies, it's time for us to educate the communities and provide consultative assistance to our scholars/ centers and organizations. To this end IMI HQ organized a widely attended International and Interactive webinar (with over 1700 hits) on March 6, 2020, with experts (available on our resources for the public page).

The webinar was an important first step, but a much greater role was needed in the face of the uncertainty globally. The IMI Corona Virus task force was therefore initiated to brain storm further, and come out with a position paper, especially in conjunction with our scholars / Ulema and intellectuals. This National IMI National task force consists of about 70 physicians and other key opinion leaders across NA. This position paper, was shared widely and open to institutions to sign on to as well.

Download the current version of the Joint Statement here

The original IMI position paper shared on February 29, 2020, is available here and the updated March 19, 2020 version with community signatories, is available as a PDF here. As you can see, this document is regularly updated and new versions will be shared via this webpage so please do share the link to this page, not just the PDF.

Add your name to the signatories

We have received increasing endorsements from across the continent and also internationally. If your entity is interested in co-signing or endorsing this position paper kindly connect at

IMI joins National Muslim Task Force on COVID-19

On March 19, IMI also joined the National Muslim Task Force on COVID-19, a broad coalition of 34 American Muslim organizations, in releasing a joint statement strongly recommending that Muslims in North America make every effort to support self-quarantine and social distancing as advised by local, regional, state, and national public health or government authorities.

The National Muslim Task Force on COVID-19 is one of the largest American Muslim coalitions in recent times and is comprised of Muslim health professionals and fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), relief, charity, civil rights, and advocacy organizations.

READ IN FULL: National Muslim Task Force on COVID-19 - Health Safety Advisory Regarding the Global Coronavirus Pandemic.

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  • “Seriously- great job. Chock full of actionable content…God bless IMI and their team.” 

    Syed F. Hassan
  • "Thank you for sharing this comprehensive statement, Will disseminate it to the community."

    Dr. F. Zaidi
  • "Thank you for the concensus statement. Will forward. It’s well written and inclusive."

    Dr. S. Shah
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