Coronavirus Relief Efforts

IMI has been working 24/7 for the past several months, providing aid and relief in the areas hardest hit by COVID-19. Our organization's efforts have been turned to combatting this pandemic head-on. IMI has been working on our four axes, Humanitarian Relief, Health Services, Professional Development and Education, and Advocacy.

Please read on and explore the site to see the impact we've had on hundreds of thousands of lives in 2020 alone.

Across the planet, the UN reports forecast the COVID-19 pandemic could tip over 130 million more people into chronic hunger by the end of 2020. Chronic hunger is linked to IMI's missions of providing Health Services and Humanitarian Relief. To combat this, IMI has been working tirelessly to provide hundreds of thousands of pounds of healthy, nutritious food through ration delivery, food and grocery delivery and financial aid.

All our efforts were realized because of the countless hours that our volunteers collectively put in. From doctors, nurses, frontline professionals, media and other teams working in the background, it was their combined selfless contribution that made all this possible. In addition, these efforts were spearheaded by IMI HQs, where the team continues to perform routine work. Our hearts and prayers go out to the FRONTLINE HEROES who have lost their lives in the service of humanity. We are forever indebted to their compassionate and altruistic service that saved so many lives. As IMI responds to the negative impact of the COVID-19, on the frontlines and behind the scenes raising our collective voice for action, you can help. Donate today to IMI’s COVID-19 efforts via this link:

To watch a video featuring footage of our Ramadan 2020 relief, click below:

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