Day Sessions 1

08:00:AM Islamabad - Pakistan

Day Sessions for the first day of the Islamabad leg of the conference included sessions:

Scientific Sessions:

Nephrology and Transplant Medicine

Dr. Kaneez Zahra moderated a panel on nephrology and transplant medicine. The chairs of the session were Professor Naveed Mohsin of Pakistan and Dr. Abbas Ghazanfar of the United Kingdom. The session was co-chaired by Dr. Anees Quyyumi, who also presented on Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease Management. Professor Naveed Mohsin presented on Renoprotection and Dr. Abbas Ghazanfar presented on Dialysis to Transplant: Improving Patient and Graft Outcomes and Survival. The engaging presentations were followed by a question and answer session.


Concurrently, moderator Dr. Sibtain Raza of Pakistan was conducting a panel on Orthopedics. Professor Mahmood ul Hasan Jafri and Dr. Amjad Hussain chaired and co-chaired the session respectively.

Professor Mahmood ul Hasan Jafri presented on Help of Microsurgical Techniques that have not only changed the results in orthopaedic field but have introduced new dimensions in the treatment in the Orthopedic Field. Dr. Syed Hasnain Haider-Shah of the UAE presented on Stem Cell/Regenerative Medicine for Orthopedic Applications. Dr. Mudussar Ahmad of the United Kingdom presented on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Orthoplasty Surgery. Finally, Dr. Farhan Zaidi of the USA presented on Orthopedic Rehabilitation.

The session was concluded with a question and answer session.


The second session of scientific sessions continued after prayer and lunch with a special and highly attended session on Endocrinology. The session was chaired by Iran's Bagher Larijani, MD, FACE (Google Scholar of the Year 2019) and co-chaired by Ali Jawa, MD, MPH, FACE, FRCP, MIVM, MPMI, AOM-ARCS (Adjunct Professor, University of Health Sciences, Lahore). The session was moderated by Dr Ali Jawa.

Dr. Bagher Larijani presented on the Prospect of Future Advancements in Endocrinology, Interdisciplinary Research. Dr. Ali Jawa presented on Type 1.5 Diabetes where he educated the audience on the dysmetabolic state that has some features of both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

Following the co-chairs, Professor Saleem Qureshi of Paksitan presented on Diabetes in the Young. Dr. Sarwar Malik presented on Prolactinona: Updates, followed by a presentation by Qurban Hussain, MBBS, FCPS(Pakistan) on Interpretation of thyroid profile focusing on results in which thyroid functions don't make any sense. The event was followed by an engaging question and answer session.

Plastic Surgery

Concurrently, a session on Plastic Surgery was being conducted, chaired by Yawar Sajjad, MBBS, FCPS (Associate Professor & Consultant Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Jinnah Burn & Reconstructive Surgery Center, Lahore). The session was co-moderated by Dr. Irshad Hussain and Faheem Mubashir Farooqi, MS(Ortho). Dr. Yawar Sajjad presented on Surgical Management of Extracranial Large Vascular Malformations followed by Dr. Hassanain of Pakistan who presented on Outcome of Double Nerve Transfer close to target muscle both for shoulder abduction and elbow flexion in early c5 and C6 Brachial Plexus Injury.

Altaf Mughal, MBBS, MS (Ortho) (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology (DOST), Unit-1. King Edward Medical University/ Mayo Hospital Lahore, Pakistan) presented on the Management of circumferential skin loss in lower limb above knee amputee using the "Altaf Technique".

Dr. Faheen Mubashir Farooqi had an engaging lecture on Brands tendon for radial nerve palsy: Advantage of transferring Palmaris longus tendon to re-routed Extensor pollicis longus.

To round out the session, Kamran Chaudhry, MBBS, FCPS, FACS (Consultant General & Laproscopic Surgeon, Associate Professor of Surgery, Head of Dept Surgical Unit 4,Allama Iqbal Medical College, Jinnah Hospital, Lahore ) presented on Thyroid Surgery under local anesthesia.

The session was followed by an in-depth question and answer session.


Running parallel to the Endocrinology session was an engaging session on Radiology. Colonel Dr. Syed M. Javaid Naqvi, MBBS, MCPS, DMRD (Radiologist, Ripah University Hospital) moderated the event. Professor Nasir Raza Zaidi, MBBS of Pakistan chaired the session and Iqbal Dogar, MBBS, FCPS, DMRD (Associate Professor of Pedaitric Radiology, The Children’s Hospital and Institute of Child Health, Lahore) co-chaired.

Dr. Iqbal Dogar began the session by presenting on the Classification of vascular Anomalies and Radiological Imaging Spectrum. Followed by Dr. Syed Ali Zul Hasanain who gave an indepth presentation on Biliary Intervention.

Finally, Dr. Mujahid Hussain of Pakistan apprised the audience on the Role of Radiology in the Diagnosis of Bone Tumors. The session was following by a question and answer session.

Pharmaceutical Wing:

Biologicals: Local Manufacturing Opportunities and Challenges

A panel of experts in the field of pharmaceutics held an important session on biologicals. The session began with a presentation on Biosimilars - Regulatory Perspective and Future by Dr. Sultan Ghani, PhD of Pakistan and was led by Dr. Abdus Samad of Pakistan.

Patient Safety: From Manufacturing to Delivery

This session was led by Mr. Yawar Abbas of Pakistan as moderator and featured a line up of pharmaceutical experts from across the country. Dr. Shehzad of Pakistan presented on Quality Control and Quality Assurance Considerations, followed by a presentation by Mr. Fida Asghar Zaidi who presented on Regulatory Controls and Current Challenges. Next, Ms. Salwa Ahsan of Pakistan presented on Drug Delivery System - Role of Manafacturer and Pharmacist.

The session concluded with a panel of experts featuring Mr. Amjad Jawa, Mr. Asim Raul and Mr. Zahid Saeed.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Opportunities and Challenges

The day ended with a session for the Pharmaceutical Wing entitled Pharmaceutical Industry Opportunities and Challenges. Dr. Ehtesham Abidi, PhD (CEO of Pharmaceutics International, USA) presented on International Market Opportunities and Challenges

Plenary Session:

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development: Honorable Mr. Zulfiqar Bukhari

The Honorable Zulfiqar Bukhari, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development, presented the Keynote Lunch Address on December 28, 2019 at Serena Hotel for conference attendees. He spoke about the necessity of organizations like Imamia Medics International in creating opportunities for diaspora professionals to return to their original countries to serve to promote development of the country. He also offered his full support to IMI as an organization working to alleviate challenges faced by Pakistan from a health, education and developmental perspective.

Dr Kamran Niaz MBBS, MPH

Dr Kamran Niaz followed the Hon. Minister Zulfiqar Bukhari delivered an extremely relevant and engaging lecture. Dr. Niaz is currently the Senior Epidemiologist at the United Nations office on Drugs and Crime (UNDOC) based in Vienna, Austria. His plenary lecture was titled "The Global opioid crisis: patterns, dynamics and issues". During this lecture he aptly described the statistical significance as well as the social implications of the opioid crisis the world is facing.

Young Leaders Session:

Giving Back: Opportunities to Serve Humanity in Pakistan and Abroad

This engaging roundtable discussion began the proceedings of the Young Leaders' Session for the Islamabad conference. The dozens of participants discussed opportunities for service in their respective fields. Ms Sakina Rizvi, JD (Former CPO of IMI) educated the young professionals on the opportunities present in Pakistan and abroad for them to avail.

Stress Management

Dr. Dilbar Saeed of IMI Pakistan led an engaging session on the importance of stress management. The session was highly attended and led to fruitful discussions on the importance of regulation of stress at all levels of studies and work, a work-life balance and strategies to combat the negative impact of stress.

Mock Interviews

This important session had limited capacity, and required advance registration. Participants were led through a series of mock interviews as well as review and mentoring sessions from IMI's roster of Mentors and Professional Guidance Experts.

To view full conference proceedings, click here.

  • It was an excellent conference well planned, presented, and well attended.  If individually traveling we may have never enjoyed the kind of reception the participants received throughout their stay in Iran. 

    Shaukat Syed
  • I want to thank you all for giving me such a great opportunity to be a part of your team (in Haiti). It was a unique experience and I really enjoyed working with you all. 

    Mitra Arjang
  • Thank you very much for the wonderful work you do. I have seen it first hand in Karbala during the Arbaeen camps and my son was fortunate to participate in two of the missions. I have made a donation today. 

    Abbas Abidi
  • I cannot express the profound impact IMI has had on my life: from the incredible opportunity to serve on the Arbaeen Medical Mission to the insightful career guidance and special programs for Young Leaders that I’ve benefitted from!

    Mohammed Akbar
  • If InshAllah, I secure a residency in the upcoming match, I will owe the organizers and the speakers at the seminar more than they will take credit for. 

    Annie Agha
  • IMI has been my outlet for philanthropic work since before I entered into high school. It is through IMI that I see my efforts, here in New Jersey, manifest into something much greater around the world. IMI has helped me realize that ambition alone is not enough to change the world; in order to achieve the changes we wish to see in this world we require ambition, vision, and most importantly execution. That is why I have joined IMI, so that my ambition and vision can meet their execution. 

    Zamin Kazmi
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