Humanitarian Nourishment, Encouragement, Support & Trust: NEST I


Since our inception, a key component of IMI’s work has been to train and empower young health professionals to become leaders in their chosen fields. For many young medical students and foreign graduates, the reality of having good experience through electives/research in the US on their résumés means an extra financial burden looking for temporary housing and paying high program fees.

IMI’s NEST I, a pilot program managed by a team including past IMI interns to address this concern, was approved by the IMI Board of Regents on March 2013.

As advised by consultants and members in the March 30, 2014 meeting, the first phase of this project was the acquisition of rental properties. Two units were rented by IM HQ (one for females and one for males) in New Jersey.

Due to high demands, there was already a waiting list within the first few months and despite the female unit not being completely furnished, young students and interns started living there.

After purchasing a 2-bedroom unit (Silver Court) a few minutes away in June 2015, IMI HQ also had both Silver Court and Royal Crest units properly outfitted with new furniture in July 2015.

Silver Court Apartment

Royal Crest Images

Even still, the demand for placements and accommodations has risen. Much work remains to be done for our students to help position them with the nourishment and support they deserve. IMI HQ is expanding the clinics we partner with for the observership program and has incorporated features like the development of libraries for appropriate study environments, career guidance and seminar spaces into IMI’s Global Headquarters and Intentional Community Project.

We encourage you to support the future of our community through the NEST I program and become a monthly donor by clicking here.

If you are interested in joining IMI's Observership & NEST I Program, please visit our Residencies & Observerships page and apply through the form available there.

For details or other ways to become involved with the NEST I Project, please email Dr. Ghulam Akbar, IMI NEST I Coordinator, at

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