IMI’s AAMM during COVID-19

After eleven years of providing free healthcare and medicines during Arbaeen, with consistently expanding services like health and disaster preparedness trainings at medical camps near the Shrines of Imam Hussain, Hazrat Abbas and Imam Ali, IMI's 12th Annual Arbaeen Medical Mission is rising to answer the call to serve for this year's unique Arbaeen by:

  • Donating PPE, Masks, Medical Equipment, & Medications
  • Advance Trainings: COVID19 & Infection Control during Arbaeen>
  • Telemedicine Clinics & Virtual Consultation
  • IMI Iraq Arbaeen Medical Camp

Our work to provide protection for health workers, as well as necessary medications, supplies and equipment to serve Iraqis and the zawaar is on-going.

Along the walk from Najaf to Karbala

IMI's 12th Annual Arbaeen Medical Mission supported two camps along the walk from Najaf to Karbala. In collaboration with Ataba Alawiya & Al Najaf Directorate of Health, IMI and the University of Kufa College of Medicine provided free medical services to zawaar through medical camps at Pole 96 and Pole 101. In addition to the advance training on infection control for volunteers and organizers, IMI donated PPE, masks, gloves as well as medications to both camps. In collaboration with Ataba Abasiya & the Karbala Health Department, IMI's 12th Annual Arbaeen Medical Mission also includes the medical camp near the Shrine of Hazrat Abbas (A.S.) managed by IMI's Iraq Chapter. The medical camp started providing medical exams, public health information and medications to Iraqi and the zawaar of the Imam on 18th Safar. Led by IMI Iraq's President, Dr. Osama Khadum, the team includes health professionals and volunteers from different parts of Iraq including Hilla, Nasiriya, Najaf, and of course Karbala.

Advance Trainings

Since March, we have conducted numerous online education and trainings (in Arabic & English) for our Iraqi colleagues, partners and students, including two successful in-depth sessions focusing on the management and infection prevention strategies for the Arbaeen Camps.Dr Mehdi Rizvi held a special training session for IMI Iraq’s doctors, nurses and other volunteers that can be viewed here:

Telemedicine: Bringing International Expertise to the Walk

IMI also coordinated a telemedicine clinic for our virtual delegation at the camp at Pole 96. The service was provided for 11-12 hours daily from 15th - 18th Safar, with additional consults as/if needed. Doctors from around the world including Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Saudi Arabic, Sweden, South Korea, the UK and the USA provided medical care, using an online platform to see and speak directly with patients (in Arabic) with tests and physical assistance by medical students at the camp. Specialists in fields including Cardiology, Endocrinology, OBGYN, Orthopedics and Urology were also on call for consults as needed. The virtual delegation also included a small admin team from the UK, Ireland and the US also helped manage the online platforms around the clock as well as our patient records.

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