IMI Get Well Clinic Hyderabad is launched

The IMI Get Well Clinic Hyderabad (India) has completed more than a decade of service in the heart of Hyderabad, Darul Shifa since its inception in 2003. Within the first 10 years of service, the clinic provided services to 262,953 patients.

The clinic has become the most dependable source of medical help, be it a minor ailment to emergency and has organized various camps including Vision, Dental, TB, Diabetes and hepatitis. The clinic provides coverage for Ambulance services and is a source referral to specialty hospitals. The Get Well Clinic also has understanding with various hospitals in the city which provide medical assistance at negligible cost.

The clinic provides free services to orphans at Yateem Khana, pupils of Hauzatul Mehdi (AS) and Blind school Darul-shifa and very needy of the area. The clinic runs a blood donation camp on the Viladath of Imam e Aali Makham Imam Hussain(AS), and on Viladath e Bubul Hawaaej (AS) it has a day of free medical service—providing services on that day to 613 from 2009-2012.

A new facility for this clinic was inaugurated in April 2015 (pictured above) as the need for care continues to grow. The clinic had previously expanded in December 2005 to include the Get Well Diagnostic Center and again in July 2006. In 2007 a new department of Physiotherapy was inaugurated to benefit all patients including those with chronic illness such as stroke, congestive heart failure, emphysema and post-hospital deconditioned states. The analyzer for the pathological lab was set in 2009—in the short time since then, IMI Hyderabad was able to provide care to 6877 patients. The x ray unit was set in October 2011—resulting in service for 161 patients. The clinic also has an Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen(AS) Medic Aid Scheme for chronic illness medications, which cost approximately $150-200 per person per year and has served 126 patients.

  • It was an excellent once in a lifetime experience. Going with IMI enables us to be treated so well and we could see so many special places. 

    Sabina Syed
  • I cannot express the profound impact IMI has had on my life: from the incredible opportunity to serve on the Arbaeen Medical Mission to the insightful career guidance and special programs for Young Leaders that I’ve benefitted from!

    Mohammed Akbar
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