IMI Canada launched

The inauguration of the IMI Canada Chapter was held on May 29, 2011 in the Jaffari Community Center in Thorn Hill, Ontario. It was a very lively gathering, over 100 individuals attended; almost 85 percent being physicians from the surrounding area.

The Meeting was conducted by Dr. Naushad Noorani (Psychiatrist &IMI Canadian Chapter Coordinator). Dr.Wajih Rizvi and Ms. Sakina Rizvi represented IMI HQ at the event. Also in attendance, was the newly appointed Jaffari Community Center Board, who showed great support for IMI Canada.

Below are the first Board of Directors and members of the Advisory Body of IMI Canada:

Board of Directors

Dr. Naushad Noorani

Director of Coordination

(Also the President of the Chapter)

Dr. M J Ali (Anesthetist)

Director of Communication

and Public Relations

Dr. Fatima Kamalia

Director of Constitution,

Membership, & Subsidiaries

Dr. Niloufer Saeed

Director Education, Research

and Scientific Matters

Dr. Mohamed Husein (Dentist)

Director of Finance

Dr.Amirali Boga

Director of International

Relations and Affairs

Dr. M. A. Vajid

Director of Professional

Guidance and Information

Shamim Asif (Pharmacist)

Yasmin Patel, Dental Hygienist (Associate)

Director of Paraprofessional Affairs

Dr. Mahmood Kara

Director of Projects and Planning

Dr. Hasnain Zaidi (Associate)

Director of Publication,

Web and Media

Advisory Body

Dr. Murtaza Diwan (Guelph)

Advisor of Communication and

Public Relations

Mr. Kalbe Hassan

Advisor of Constitution, Membership,

& Subsidiaries

Mr. Sabi Ahsan

Advisor of Finance

Mr. Asghar Naqvi

Advisor of International

Relations and Affairs

Dr. Shabbir Kanjee

Advisor of Professional

Guidance and Information

Haider Meghjee (Pharmacist)

Advisor of Paraprofessional Affairs

Dr. Shiraz Datoo

Advisor of Projects and Planning

Mr. Ashfaq Hussain

Advisor of Publication,

Web and Media

  • It was an excellent once in a lifetime experience. Going with IMI enables us to be treated so well and we could see so many special places. 

    Sabina Syed
  • I cannot express the profound impact IMI has had on my life: from the incredible opportunity to serve on the Arbaeen Medical Mission to the insightful career guidance and special programs for Young Leaders that I’ve benefitted from!

    Mohammed Akbar
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