IMI Activities begin in New Zealand

IMI’s first gathering in Auckland was arranged on Sunday, January 6, 2013 at the Islamic Ahlul Bayt Foundation of New Zealand. Dr. Adnan Ali, IMI’s New Zealand Coordinator hosted the session and presented a power point on IM’s global activities to introduce IMI to the community. Moulana Sayed Jan Ali Kazmi, who has been involved in medical research independently and in contribution to IMI’s programs also spoke at the event. Dr. Adnan Ali also presented at IMI's second gathering in Auckland at the North Shore Ahlul Bayte Center less than a week later, on January 11, 2013 as well as at al-Murtaza Center on January 31, 2013. Each of the events was geared to provide more information about IMI's ongoing programming as well as history of service to the community and all underserved especially in times of crisis.

IMI HQ also took this opportunity to highlight the initiative and efforts of Dr. Adnan Ali. Dr. Ali has been instrumental in establishing IMI’s global membership (with many new individual members having joined now from New Zealand) and has been actively networking and connecting Shia medical professionals at every level. Dr. Ali participated in the fifth international conference in Najaf last April, where he vowed to increase IMI’s global membership and, within a year, has managed to expand IMI’s network within New Zealand. In addition, Dr. Ali presented a lecture on ‘First & Second Branchial Arch Syndrome and Distraction Osteogenesis’ as well as a poster on Emergency Center Local Anesthesia Out Patient Procedures (ECLAO) at the conference. His involvement with IMI in medical missions has also been of considerable value with his services during Arbaeen Medical Missions, the IMI Hajj Medical Mission as well as through IMI’s delegations overseas such as his lectures on plastic surgery for the Iraqi Board of Plastics Surgery and Iraqi Board of Maxillofacial Surgery presented at the Medical City and Al Wasity Hospitals, and as well as other lectures delivered at the College of Medicine, University of Kufa. Dr. Adnan Ali is also an active member of the New Zealand community and routinely engages in collaborative efforts across communities of different backgrounds such as the September 2012 Workshop of Middle East Culture and Family Violence in Immigrant Community.

  • It was an excellent once in a lifetime experience. Going with IMI enables us to be treated so well and we could see so many special places. 

    Sabina Syed
  • I cannot express the profound impact IMI has had on my life: from the incredible opportunity to serve on the Arbaeen Medical Mission to the insightful career guidance and special programs for Young Leaders that I’ve benefitted from!

    Mohammed Akbar
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