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More than 15,000 people have been killed and thousands more injured Monday morning after a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southern Türkiye at 4:17 am and aftershocks as high as 7.5 magnitude. Rescue efforts are still underway and the number of casualties is expected to continue to rise as many buildings collapsed with large numbers of people buried under the rubble--including complete families. Hospitals are overwhelmed with the number of crush and trauma injuries. 

At least 78 aftershocks have been reported followed by a second earthquake of 7.5 magnitude at 13:24 with the epicenter in Ekinozu/Kahramanmaras province. Tremors were reportedly felt in Gaziantep and neighboring provinces. The Government of Türkiye has since issued a Level 4 alarm, calling for international assistance. Monday's earthquake is reported to be one of the strongest in Türkiye in almost 100 years--being compared to the 1939 earthquake that killed more than 30,000. The earthquake also heavily impacted north-west Syria, a region where 4.1 million people already depend on humanitarian assistance--the majority of whom are women and children. Simultaenously these communities are also beig hit by an on-going cholera outbreak and harsh winter events. 

The people of Türkiye and Syria need immediate humanitarian assistance.

In response to the catastrophic earthquake affecting Türkiye and Syria, IMI Global is working with IMI Türkiye and IMI Zaynab and collaborating partners on the ground in those countries to help address urgent humanitarian needs such as medical assistance, warm clothing, blankets and shelter for recovery.

IMI Türkiye doctors and volunteers are working on the ground to provide lifesaving medical treatment and essentials. IMI Zaynab is working with local partners to organize the distribution of medicine, medical supplies, and food.

IMI Global is aware that the United States currently maintains economic sanctions and strict export controls on Syria, and is working with its partners to tailor humanitarian assistance so that it complies with U.S. laws and regulations. IMI Global and its partners’ humanitarian assistance is authorized by General License 542.516. IMI Global and its partners will comply with any applicable export controls requirements (including obtaining licenses where necessary) while offering humanitarian assistance to affected individuals in Syria. IMI Global and its partners will also conduct party-based screening to ensure local partners in Syria are not blocked or subject to additional restrictions. Please click here for our complete Earthquake Relief Compliance Statement.

Please open your hearts and wallets and donate now to help during this catastrophic time.

Video Gallery

As the relief efforts move on, we will share IMI videos below on the efforts underway in each country--thanks to your support!

Our first video below shows IMI Teams and their partners were on ground in Turkiye - providing lifesaving treatment, medicines, food and shelter to the survivors within hours of the earthquake. Their Emergency Relief Mission continues round the clock in both Turkiye and Syria. Explore our video gallery below for more.


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