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Protecting the vulnerable: Pakistan Floods

63rd United Nations Annual Department of Public Information Non-Governmental Organization Conference

Sponsors: Imamia Medics International, The Fred Hollows Foundation, Oxfam Australia, World Vision Australia

Topic: “Strengthening humanitarian assistance in response to severe floods in Pakistan”

The undersigned participants representing over 350 Non-Governmental Organizations from more than 70 countries at the 63rd Annual UN DPI NGO Conference,

Recognizing the more than affected population’s growing needs in Pakistan caused by severe flooding from monsoon rains and the disaster’s magnitude having directly affected 17.6 million people with approximately 1600 killed, and encompassing an area of approximately 160,000 sq meters within which 70 % of the roads and bridges have been washed away, and 1.2 million houses have been damaged and destroyed, and

Reaffirming also the consensus resolution of the special session of the General

Assembly on Pakistan entitled "Strengthening emergency relief, rehabilitation, reconstruction and prevention in the wake of devastating floods in Pakistan" adopted on 19 August 2010 (Resolution A/RES/64/294) and the necessity to sensitize the international community to Pakistan's humanitarian, recovery and reconstruction needs and to mobilize effective, immediate and adequate support to the country, and

Emphasizing the needs to promote the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals to achieve global health in Pakistan in tandem with flood relief and providing assistance to the estimated 2.7 million people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 5.3 million in Punjab and 4.4 million in Sindh that are in need of immediate humanitarian relief,

  1. Reaffirm support to the survivors of the Pakistan flood;
  2. Urge an increase in funds directed at Pakistan flood relief delivered through the United Nations, International Red Cross/Red Crescent movement and non-governmental organizations, and in particular, financial support to advance health promotion and disease prevention through increased access to health services, sustained supplies of medicines, vaccinations against non communicable diseases and the restoration of public health facilities;
  3. Urge the international community to also provide material assistance to the long-term rehabilitation and reconstruction of affected areas; and
  4. .Request that all nations and NGOs support a moratorium on Pakistan’s debt repayment as its annual debt servicing is on average $3billion USD, almost three times the amount the government of Pakistan spends on healthcare annually. It further urges the Pakistani Government to utilize funds released in the event of such a moratorium be directed to meet the healthcare needs of the Pakistani people.