Pakistan Flood Relief 2010-2013

05:00:AM Pakistan

IMI’s Pakistan Flood Relief has provided valuable medical assistance to those suffering in Pakistan where more than 20 million were directly affected by severe floods. IMI organized 30 separate medical camps and mobile units that travel into the hardest hit areas and assisted with the management of the Al Mohsin Hall IDP shelter and clinic.

Imamia Medics International (IMI) has been active in Pakistan since 1994 and was well positioned to respond immediately to the disaster in late July of 2010. With existing resources in place across Pakistan, IMI promptly dispatched emergency medical relief, with its first clinic operating on July 27, just a day after the floods devastated nearly one third of the country.

Under the leadership of the main Pakistan Flood Relief coordinators, Dr. Nafees Hasni (Karachi), Dr. Arif Naqvi (Karachi), Dr. Shafqat Taqi (Islamabad), and Dr. Ali Imran Zaidi (Multan), IMI Pakistan mobilized the entire chapter to bring relief to those affected by the floods. IMI organized multiple medical camps in Layyah, Kroar Lal Easen, Kot Addo, and smaller towns near Layyah, Muzaffargarh and Dadu, Sindh. Each camp had at least 3 doctors, 2-3 paramedical staff and additional volunteers. Our medical teams moved into flood-affected areas with mobile units and on motorbikes to reach those survivors who cannot come to the medical camp.

As the flooding worsened in the country, internally displaced people (IDPs) migrated towards cities like Karachi for aid. With our network of local staff and partners already on the ground -- and years of experience responding to emergencies in Pakistan – IMI was well-positioned to help families in dire need.

IMI also collaborated with other entities to assist with the management of IDP shelters, including the shelter being setup at Al Mohsin Hall in Karachi. On August 17th, IMI also started a medical clinic onsite to make sure everyone receives adequate treatment and care. Dr. Fakhir, Dr. Hadi Imam and Dr. Mudasir Laiq provided medical attention to 40 IDPs during the first evening, and transported a woman with labor pains to Fatimiyah Hospital.

Over many months, as thousands of internally displaced people (IDPs) of Pakistan continued recovery and rehabilitation, IMI stayed committed to enhancing health care access and support. IMI provided $307,585.00 (USD) to support medical services for flood victims and $40,010.00 (USD) for Medics Shelter Homes.

IMI was also a hard advocate to promote an awareness of the suffering and increase the relief and recovery efforts in Pakistan. IMI’s delegation to the 63rd Annual UN DPI NGO Conference in Melbourne, Australia, advocated for this support and co-authored a consensus resolution to this purpose, agreed on by all 2000 delegates and the UN Under-Secretary-General Akasaka who applauded IMI’s efforts in this regard. IMI delegates were also interviewed and featured in Australian media coverage regarding relief efforts in Pakistan.

We continued our advocacy and awareness promotion of the suffering in Pakistan at our 4th International and 11th National Conference. In addition, we raised $101,327 at the National IMI Pakistan Flood Fundraising Banquet for ongoing relief and recovery work in Pakistan, including the building of 25 shelter units to protect families against the dangerous waterborne illnesses during recovery. In 2011, Dr. Barkat Jaferi visits the flood-devastated villages of Basti Saidan and Karor Lal Esan.

  • It was an excellent conference well planned, presented, and well attended.  If individually traveling we may have never enjoyed the kind of reception the participants received throughout their stay in Iran. 

    Shaukat Syed
  • I want to thank you all for giving me such a great opportunity to be a part of your team (in Haiti). It was a unique experience and I really enjoyed working with you all. 

    Mitra Arjang
  • Thank you very much for the wonderful work you do. I have seen it first hand in Karbala during the Arbaeen camps and my son was fortunate to participate in two of the missions. I have made a donation today. 

    Abbas Abidi
  • I cannot express the profound impact IMI has had on my life: from the incredible opportunity to serve on the Arbaeen Medical Mission to the insightful career guidance and special programs for Young Leaders that I’ve benefitted from!

    Mohammed Akbar
  • If InshAllah, I secure a residency in the upcoming match, I will owe the organizers and the speakers at the seminar more than they will take credit for. 

    Annie Agha
  • IMI has been my outlet for philanthropic work since before I entered into high school. It is through IMI that I see my efforts, here in New Jersey, manifest into something much greater around the world. IMI has helped me realize that ambition alone is not enough to change the world; in order to achieve the changes we wish to see in this world we require ambition, vision, and most importantly execution. That is why I have joined IMI, so that my ambition and vision can meet their execution. 

    Zamin Kazmi
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