MiTV - IMI Television Channel

Imamia Medics International has launched its very own television channel - MiTV - Medics International Television - The Voice of Humanity. 

The channel will serve as a platform for IMI's global work, to promote the message of health and wellness, further our education and professional development goals, engage in advocacy, as well as provide medical and humanitarian services globally.

We see it as a self-sustaining model, with countless investment and creative opportunities that will lift up the name of Imamia Medics International across the globe.

We would like YOU to be our channel's Executive Producers, Channel Executives, Visionaries.

We are looking at a monthly cost of $5000 and a one-time start-up cost of $55,000. We need only 50 people to donate $100/month.

To donate to this project and share in our collective goals, mail a cheque payable to Imamia Medics International to PO BOX 8209, Princeton, New Jersey, 08543, or through Zelle and Venmo at

To get involved, please contact us at  

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Stay tuned for special Muharram programming releasing in the first ten days of Muharram.


Goal $75,000

Raised: $15,000

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