IMI Pakistan

Since our inception, IMI Pakistan has been providing ongoing & emergency medical care and career services to those in need, as well as a strong voice for health workers, patients and our diverse membership.

IMI Pakistan coordinates IMI chapters and projects across Pakistan. In addition, IMI Pakistan coordinates several national programs through various IMI Pakistan chapters and collaborating entities. Over the last 20 years IMI Pakistan has developed many programs to promote health and prevent diseases through out the country. The lists below highlight some of IMI Pakistan’s current initiatives.

Imamia Blood Transfusion & Medical Services

For the last fifteen years IMI Pakistan has coordinated the Imamia Blood Transfusion and Medical Services (IBTMS) program. Since its inception, IBTMS has been providing screened blood without exchange or charges to all community members. IBTMS representatives, scattered throughout Karachi, are continuously volunteering their services for IBTMS. Around 1000 pints of blood and blood products are provided annually.

IMI Vaccination Project

Every year more than 1500 people are vaccinated for flu, pneumonia and Hepatitis B. Free Polio vaccinations are also offered to inoculate communities against the illness.

IMI Patient Welfare Services

IMI has been serving the poor people for their health related problems. Until now, around 1000 patients have been given medicines and surgeries have been arranged for more than 100 patients in different private hospitals.

IMI Disaster Management Services

In 2005, IMI Pakistan undertook a massive relief operation to assist in the aftermath of the deadly earthquake on October 8, 2005, which caused widespread devastation in Kashmir and Pakistan. IMI provided medical and surgical relief to 21 villages through out-patient department base operations, and two medical mobile teams. The relief teams were equipped with medication totaling 250,000 Rs/- in value. IMI Pakistan also organizes disaster response sessions to train junior doctors, medical students and pharmacists. IMI Pakistan plans to continue these training sessions throughout the year and has collaborated with Hilal-e-Ahmer for First Aid training instructors.

Surgical camps

Since 2000, IMI Pakistan and IBTMS have arranged surgical camps during the Ayyam e Azza (1st of Muharram to 9th of Rabi-ul-Awal) in different areas of Pakistan. Giving the increasing needs, in 2006 IMI started coordinating Surgical Training Sessions that are held just before the month of Muharram for 1st and 2nd year pharmacy, nursing and medical students. Students are prepped on basic surgical skills and stitching techniques. Hundred of patients are treated annually.

Professional Development and Trainings

Over the last several years, IMI Pakistan has been organizing career guidance programs for MBBS and Pharmacy students. IMI also offers a 3 day Certified Phlebotomy Training Program for doctors, pharmacists, paramedical staff, medical and pharmacy students in association with Hussaini Blood Bank and Patients Aid Foundation. Additionally, IMI organizes Basic Life Support and CPR training workshops for medical professionals and the public at large. IMI Pakistan has trained approximately 50 people through its First-Aid training program, which will continue on weekly basis for different scout groups.

Lectures and Meetings

IMI Pakistan has also been organizing monthly continuing medical education sessions on the second Sunday of every month, hosted in Fatmiyah Hospital’s seminar room. Typically, undergraduates, doctors, pharmacists and other paramedics attend these interactive meetings.

Local Chapters

In addition to a vibrant national chapter, there are many local chapters across Pakistan: IMI Lahore, IMI Karachi, IMI Islamabad/Rawalpindi, IMI Hyderabad, IMI Nawabshah, IMI Multan, and IMI Southern Punjab.

IMI Pakistan Board of Directors
  • IMI 9th international conference held in Orlando from July 22-24 was a truly memorable event for us. This conference was unique as it encompassed topics that were interesting to medical as well as non-medical groups.

    Topics such as Fetal origins of adult cardiovascular disease, depressive disorders, diabetes, back pain, knee crisis, vascular interventions, urinary incontinence, radiology, Quality improvement in health care, medical ethics, kidney disease, biopsychosocial health models were presented by experts in the field and they presented case studies that were relevant to current medical practices.

    Conference also addressed the young upcoming youth leaders with an entire track of event dedicated to them. Mentoring was provided by each professional and students got a chance to develop one to one relationship with their mentors. In summary, IMI's yearly conference is not to be missed!   

    Tabassum Merchant, ARNP & Nafees Hussain, RN
  • Firstly, thank you all for a wonderful conference in Barbados.  The educational content and speakers were excellent and in addition the opportunity for networking was a great bonus.  Your hard work and its success was very evident.

    Sohail Sachak
  • I want to thank you all for giving me such a great opportunity to be a part of your team (in Haiti). It was a unique experience and I really enjoyed working with you all. 

    Mitra Arjang
  • I cannot express the profound impact IMI has had on my life: from the incredible opportunity to serve on the Arbaeen Medical Mission to the insightful career guidance and special programs for Young Leaders that I’ve benefitted from!

    Mohammed Akbar
  • I graduated from medical college in Pakistan. Knowing I wanted to pursue a specialty in the US, I went through the routine process of studying for and clearing the USMLE's and becoming ECFMG certified. There are plenty of online forums that help you up to that stage. What happens after that and before you land a residency is something no one prepares you for. Even knowing a person who went through the process is not enough. I found the answers to all my questions about the process, its workings and methods at the IMI Career Guidance Seminar. I learnt more in the few hours I spent there than I did in months, yes months, of thorough research online and through the measly networking I was capable of as a foreign graduate. It is literally a live 'Medical Residency for Dummies', and you get great coffee and dinner to boot. I interacted with candidates like myself along with current residents, and doctors who are involved in hiring committees at hospitals. I learnt how to choose programs, how to strengthen my resume, what to seek and where, and even what to wear. I have a month before I apply, but after the seminar - I have more confidence in the 'how' of the process.  I walked in to the seminar hall a nervous wreck - armed with vague internet advice and the intimidation of an overwhelming process. I thought my average scores would filter me out of every hospital program - I left knowing I need to apply 'wisely', not 'widely'. I learnt how to identify and enhance my positives, and overcome my shortcomings. I understood how to streamline programs to apply to, how to contact them and the level of persistence to employ. I was made aware of the importance of and difference between clinical experience in the US and research experience, and how to add both to my resume. All this, and more, in just a few hours. I cannot stress enough the effects this seminar had on me. I am now realistic in my approach - versus the optimism fresh graduates tend to bring with them. You may choose not to believe me, but after the seminar I didn't just breathe a sigh of relief - I let slip a few tears as well. I knew what to do, how to do it and where to ask for assistance. 

    If InshAllah, I secure a residency in the upcoming match, I will owe the organizers and the speakers at the seminar more than they will take credit for. 

    Annie Agha
  • “Seriously- great job. Chock full of actionable content…God bless IMI and their team.” 

    Syed F. Hassan
  • "Thank you for sharing this comprehensive statement, Will disseminate it to the community."

    Dr. F. Zaidi
  • "Thank you for the concensus statement. Will forward. It’s well written and inclusive."

    Dr. S. Shah
  • I just wanted to say thanks to everyone on this list for what proved to be a truly life-altering experience.  It was terrific working with all of you, except Farhaj...But seriously, Naeema and some of my other classmates know rather well that I had allowed medical school and the residency process to make me cynical and tired.  I'm happy to say though, that after a week of truly hard work, emotional challenge, and actually helping some people, I have returned home feeling refreshed and renewed.  As corny as this all sounds, I'm actually excited to be a doctor again.  I can't thank you all enough for that. So I'm hooked on relief work.  I hope that I have more opportunities to help in situations like this, and if possible, to work with you all again.

    P. Pratcha (IMI Relief: Haiti)
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