IMI South Asia Earthquake Relief

Kashmir and Pakistan

In 2005, IMI Pakistan undertook a massive relief operation to assist in the aftermath of the deadly earthquake on October 8, 2005, that caused widespread devastation in Kashmir and Pakistan.

The IMI Earthquake Relief Operation Coordinator was Dr. Shafqat. Dr Fakhir Raza and Mr. Murtaza Asad were group leaders. The IMI Pakistan Medical Team was comprised of the following doctors and volunteers: Dr Fakhir Raza, Ammar Raza, RPh, Dr Salman Haider, Dr Syed Muddasir, Dr Hasan Jaffer, Dr Ali Asghar, Dr Jawad Ali, Dr Aqeel, Dr Ameen Zubair, Dr Adnan Younus, Mr. Murtaza Asad, Mr. Yasir Raza, Mr. Mudassir Husain, Mr. Aoun Ali, Mr. Hashim Ali, Mr. Ali Ahmar, Mr. Mujtaba, Mr. Shafqat, Mr. Nisar, Mr. Aurangzeb and Mr. Muntazir.

IMI HQ supported the relief effort by sending teams of medical professionals and through valuable material and financial assistance. The material support alone was valued at over $200,000 USD. Medical professionals sent to the affected areas included Dr. Nasir Naqvi, Dr. Rafi Rexa, Dr. Nishat Rizvi and Dr. Wajih Rizvi.

IMI provided medical and surgical relief to 21 villages through out patient department base operations and two medical mobile teams and equipped its relief teams with medication totaling 250,000 Rs/- in value. The medical mobile teams, comprised of 2 doctors, 2 volunteers and a local guide, examined about 150-200 patients daily for a total of 1896 patients. The mobile medical teams faced tremendous challenges due to massive landslides, but managed to reach communities as high as 5100 feet above sea level. The remaining doctors and volunteers served at the OPD base camp that received an approximate 150-200 patients a day.

IMI HQ in Pakistan also collaborated with Azad Kashmir University to undertake an extensive vaccination program to prevent the outbreak of communicable diseases. It trained paramedics through Dispenser/Compounder courses to enable the practitioners to provide basic medical care close to patients’ homes. A female health worker was also retained to conduct home visitations

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