East Africa Drought Relief 2011

East, Africa

With 2011 classified as the driest year on record in the eastern Horn of Africa, the health, livelihoods and food security of millions of Somalis, Ethiopians and Kenyans are at serious risk. While Somalia is considered the epicenter of the crisis, much of the country is still inaccessible to international organizations. IMI began collaborating with local organizations in the region in August and continues to work with BETA Charitable Trust and Cooperation for Health and Education Programs (CHEP) to provide assistance with food, water, and livelihoods development. Over the last 7 weeks, CHEP volunteers have personally reached almost 12,000 households (approximately 90,000 individuals) in 37 separate villages and refugee camps. Volunteers dug shallow wells to provide access to cleaner water for use in farming activities as well. IMI's partnership with BETA Charitable and CHEP will provide immediate and long-term relief to those affected through continued food distribution, and increase in the rehabilitation of wells, and livelihoods development including farming support. The relief and recovery program targets not only the immediate malnutrition, but also provides a sustainable source for water and food, as well as income, for a healthier future.

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