• I can't believe my luck! I was truly fortunate to have attended this seminar. The presenters readily shared inside information, that was so valuable. It very realistically defined where each one of us stood on the road to residency, and highlighted how much effort each one of us needed in order to get where we wanted. The most amazing thing was, that each person's concerns were individually addressed in the Q & A session. Now I have a very clear idea of what my next step has to be. And I am more determined than ever to get there! I cannot thank the presenters and the administration enough. 

    Mehreen Iqbal
  • IMI 9th international conference held in Orlando from July 22-24 was a truly memorable event for us. This conference was unique as it encompassed topics that were interesting to medical as well as non-medical groups.

    Topics such as Fetal origins of adult cardiovascular disease, depressive disorders, diabetes, back pain, knee crisis, vascular interventions, urinary incontinence, radiology, Quality improvement in health care, medical ethics, kidney disease, biopsychosocial health models were presented by experts in the field and they presented case studies that were relevant to current medical practices.

    Conference also addressed the young upcoming youth leaders with an entire track of event dedicated to them. Mentoring was provided by each professional and students got a chance to develop one to one relationship with their mentors. In summary, IMI's yearly conference is not to be missed!   

    Tabassum Merchant, ARNP & Nafees Hussain, RN
  • Firstly, thank you all for a wonderful conference in Barbados.  The educational content and speakers were excellent and in addition the opportunity for networking was a great bonus.  Your hard work and its success was very evident.

    Sohail Sachak
  • It was an excellent conference well planned, presented, and well attended.  If individually traveling we may have never enjoyed the kind of reception the participants received throughout their stay in Iran. 

    Shaukat Syed
  • The IMI 8th International Conference is over, but the memories are going to live forever. It has been a wonderful experience. This IMI conference was one of the most hectic and widely traveled conferences I had ever attended. The Iranian hosts were excellent and lived up to their world known hospitality.  When you organize such a gigantic event little hiccups are bound to happen. I thank all the organizers and congratulate them for the success of the conference. Dr. Wajih Rizvi, Dr. Arshad Quyyumi, Dr. Mohsin Hyderi and the Iranian hosts need special mention, and of course you Sakina Rizvi have done a marvelous job with competence and composure. 

    Dr. S. Riaz Mehdi (Lucknow, India)
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IMI’s 5th International Conference: Advances through Learning & Integration (ALI) | Najaf, Iraq

12:00:AM Iraq

From April 5th to April 7th, 2012, Imamia Medics International (IMI) hosted its 5th International Conference in collaboration with Kufa University in Najaf, Iraq. The theme of the conference was Advancement through Learning and Integration (ALI), which combined IMI’s commitments to enhancing health, education, capacity building, economic empowerment and the integration of community and faith-based approaches to health. This pivotal 5th IMI International Conference attracted collaboration by universities and attendees from a variety of backgrounds including religious scholars, government officials, health professionals, intellectuals, scholars, academics and NGO workers.

The Opening session was held in the Presidential Hall at the University of Kufa. His Excellency, Adnan Al Zurufi welcomed the more than 500 delegates on behalf of the Najaf Governate. The President of Kufa University, Dr. Aqeel Yaseen, and Dean of the College of Medicine, Dr. Saeed Abu Zahra also addressed the gathering and emphasized the development of the community through integrated science based approaches, noting the unique collaborating between their institution and IMI in this regard.

The Conference sessions covered a wide range of topics including anesthesiology, cardiology, dentistry, diabetes, disaster management, gastroenterology, health administration, hepatology, hypertension, Islamic medical ethics, mental health, natural remedies, nephrology, nuclear medicine, nutrition, oncology, pharmacology, radiology, reconstructive surgery, research, and urology. During the course of the conference, particular specialty driven workshops were also scheduled such as the endoscopy workshop at the GIT Center in Najaf. Sessions on integrating spirituality and social good were also included in the conference program as well as updates from IMI’s many programs and projects in the brainstorming session.

The final day of the conference was a special program held in Karbala within the auspicious conference space at the Haram of Imam Hussain. The day covered regional health issues with a review of health services, capacity and the future of health care in Iraq and around the world. A final presentation on the past, present and future of IMI was also delivered to close out the historic International Conference.