• I can't believe my luck! I was truly fortunate to have attended this seminar. The presenters readily shared inside information, that was so valuable. It very realistically defined where each one of us stood on the road to residency, and highlighted how much effort each one of us needed in order to get where we wanted. The most amazing thing was, that each person's concerns were individually addressed in the Q & A session. Now I have a very clear idea of what my next step has to be. And I am more determined than ever to get there! I cannot thank the presenters and the administration enough. 

    Mehreen Iqbal
  • IMI 9th international conference held in Orlando from July 22-24 was a truly memorable event for us. This conference was unique as it encompassed topics that were interesting to medical as well as non-medical groups.

    Topics such as Fetal origins of adult cardiovascular disease, depressive disorders, diabetes, back pain, knee crisis, vascular interventions, urinary incontinence, radiology, Quality improvement in health care, medical ethics, kidney disease, biopsychosocial health models were presented by experts in the field and they presented case studies that were relevant to current medical practices.

    Conference also addressed the young upcoming youth leaders with an entire track of event dedicated to them. Mentoring was provided by each professional and students got a chance to develop one to one relationship with their mentors. In summary, IMI's yearly conference is not to be missed!   

    Tabassum Merchant, ARNP & Nafees Hussain, RN
  • Firstly, thank you all for a wonderful conference in Barbados.  The educational content and speakers were excellent and in addition the opportunity for networking was a great bonus.  Your hard work and its success was very evident.

    Sohail Sachak
  • It was an excellent conference well planned, presented, and well attended.  If individually traveling we may have never enjoyed the kind of reception the participants received throughout their stay in Iran. 

    Shaukat Syed
  • The IMI 8th International Conference is over, but the memories are going to live forever. It has been a wonderful experience. This IMI conference was one of the most hectic and widely traveled conferences I had ever attended. The Iranian hosts were excellent and lived up to their world known hospitality.  When you organize such a gigantic event little hiccups are bound to happen. I thank all the organizers and congratulate them for the success of the conference. Dr. Wajih Rizvi, Dr. Arshad Quyyumi, Dr. Mohsin Hyderi and the Iranian hosts need special mention, and of course you Sakina Rizvi have done a marvelous job with competence and composure. 

    Dr. S. Riaz Mehdi (Lucknow, India)
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IMI’s 4th International & 10th National US Conference


On Friday, October 8, 2010, for the first time in the history of the United States, a Shia organization lead community members to discuss critical health policy matters and issues of the targeted violence against Shias globally with offices of their elected representatives on Capitol Hill. Approximately 75 attendees of Imamia Medics International’s 11th National and 4th International Conference participated in the limited capacity Advocacy Day activities. Three meetings had been arranged with the following offices and groups of 6-12 individuals were lead by the IMI representatives listed below. At 9:30 AM the group lead by Dr. Barkat Jaferi met with Congressman Chris Smith's Deputy Chief of Staff, Tim Lynagh. At 10:30 AM, IMI delegates lead by Dr. Mohammad Yaseen met with Congresswoman Donna Edwards’ Legislative Assistant for Healthcare, Angie Jean Marie. The final group of IMI delegates lead by Dr. Hasan Askari met with Congressman John Conyers' Legislative Director, Joel Segal for several hours with the discussion continuing over lunch as well.

At each meeting, participants stressed the importance of universal healthcare in line with IMI’s vision, “whoso saveth the life of one, it is as if he has saved the life of all humanity.” (Quran 5:32). In addition, concerns were raised about the increased violence against Shias globally, and specifically in Pakistan. Each group presented the Representatives with details regarding recent incidents of violence against Shias and a sample letter to send to the Embassy of Pakistan to increase attention on this issue and security for the affected Shia populations.

Two follow up committees are being developed to continue advocacy on these two critical issues. In addition to the meetings, participants also toured Capitol Hill and attended Jummah Prayers on the Hill with Muslims from a wide spectrum of the professional community.

After the Capitol Hill Program, an IMI briefing was held at the National Press Club. Dr. Hasan Askari briefed the attendees about IMIs health policy work, Ms. Sakina Rizvi spoke on the currently flood relief and recovery activities being coordinated by IMI in Pakistan, and Mr. Wirasat Rizvi provided an overview of the targeted violence against Shias globally with a special emphasis on the increasing violence in Pakistan.

The first day of the 11th National and 4th International Conference concluded with a community dinner at Idara-e-Jaferia where, in addition to the community Health Fair, after a welcome address by the President of Idara-e-Jaferia, Mr. Hasan Zaidi, Dr. Barkat Jaferi made a short presentation on IMI and its current activities.

IMI also presented Idara-e-Jaferia with the Alam of Hazrat Abbas (AS) that was received in Karbala by IMI Third Delegation to Iraq.

The second day of the 11th National and 4th International Conference began with a welcome address by Dr. Mohammad Yaseen and an overview of the conference by Ms. Sakina Rizvi. The participants had the option to attend one of three workshops: Cardiovascular Health, General Health Screenings, or Professional Development: Career Guidance for New Professionals. Following this, a second set of workshops was attended by participants on Geriatrics or Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine. Lunch followed with a lecture by Lexden Capital on Leveraging Institutional Equity for Real Estate Investments By Physicians.

IMI’s general body meeting was convened after this with over 150 in attendance. International and national IMI representatives provided updates on IMI activities, and feedback was solicited by the members present.

After the meeting, a general session on International Healthcare Systems was scheduled with Dr. Hasan Askari presenting an overview on international healthcare systems with an emphasis on the US system, Dr. Mahdi Abdullah presenting on the Iraqi healthcare system and Dr. Ghulammehdi Sumar addressing the European healthcare systems, with an emphasis on the British system. A Special Address on Spiritual Health by Mrs. Mariam Agah followed this session.

To wrap up a long day of conference activities, IMI held the National IMI Pakistan Flood Relief Fundraising Banquet that evening. Jeff Naqvi emceed the event and a presentation on IMI’s activities in the field and the continuing need in Pakistan was made by Ms. Sakina Rizvi. With the help of the community, IMI raised $101,000 that evening in addition to the over $300,000 previously donated to IMI. Dr. Wajih Rizvi also presented numerous awards to individuals who have contributed to IMI’s efforts for the 11th National and 4th International Conference and IMI’s Pakistan flood relief activities.

At the banquet, awards were also presented to individuals for their contributions with the conference. Special awards were presented as follow:

  • Dr. Qasim Jaffry, IMI Man of the Year Award
  • Hasan Zaidi, President of Idara-e-Jaferia
  • Dr. Azmat Husain for his contributions to IMI’s efforts on Capitol Hill
  • Mir Asghar, and Hasan Mehdi for the two highest level of contribution to IMI’s Pakistan Flood Relief Efforts
  • Dr. Shafqat Taqi, Dr. Ali Imran Zaidi and Dr. Nafees Hasni for their tremendous efforts with IMI Pakistan Flood Relief activities.

The final day of the 11th National and 4th International Conference of IMI began with a Youth Mentorship workshop, where both youth and possible mentors were able to interact and forge new connections after presentations by Dr. Nusrat Naqvi, Dr. Sarwat Hussain, and Mr. Syed Azhar Hussain. Ms. Jabeen Reza moderated the session.

Finally, a short meeting was held to evaluate the 11th National and 4th International Conference. Participants graded this conference at an A level and offered constructive criticisms.