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Academic Session on “Arterial Blood Gases and Fluid Management”

12:00:AM IMI House, Karachi

Dr. Hussain Azhar, Assistant Professor Medical Unit ll, Civil Hospital Karachi, was invited for a lecture on ABG and Fluid Management. Dr. Hussain started with the basics of Arterial Blood Gases (ABGs), and emphasized on checking acidosis and alkalosis first. He described acidosis and alkalosis with reference to the pH values. He explained metabolic acidosis, a situation in which pH is decreased due to fall in bicarbonate ions concentration.

For the basic understandings of fluid management, he first explained different fluid compartments of the body and the percentage of total fluids. Then he enlightened about different options to balance the fluids of the body out of which the common fluids are normal saline, dextrose water and ringers lactate. Among these fluids, the normal saline is given most commonly to resuscitate the patient in emergency room.